Tooth Whitening Phoenix, AZ

Why You Should Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

Whether you have a big event coming up like a wedding or work event to attend, or if you have just been wanting to make your smile look that much better, then you may be thinking about getting your teeth professionally whitened. And although you can head to the store and buy some over-the-counter whitening […]

Gum Disease Phoenix, AZ

3 Things to Know About Gum Disease

Unless you yourself work in the dental industry, you may not know the first thing about gum disease. However, as one of the most prevalent oral conditions that we at Arcadia Dental Arts see patients for, it never hurts to learn a little more about your oral health. Let’s take a closer look at three […]

Family Dentistry Phoenix

How to Teach Your Kids About Their Oral Health

A good education, a good roof over their heads, extracurricular sports and activities, and good oral health, are a few of the things that every parent should invest in for their children if their budget permits. When it comes to your child’s oral care, there are a few things that you as parents can do […]

Dental Crowns | Phoenix, AZ

Ready for a Smile Makeover

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, one-third of the adults in the United States are unhappy with their smile. Luckily, here at Arcadia Dental Arts, Dr. Pappas has a variety of dental treatments— including a full smile makeover to help transform your teeth and make you finally happy with your smile. One of the […]

Gum Disease Phoenix, AZ

3 Myths About Gum Disease

When it comes to your health you can get online and Google just about anything, and you may or may not land on some good information. When it comes to your dental health, we at Arcadia Dental Arts like to offer our patients the best place to come to on the internet for all of […]

Dental Care Phoenix, AZ

What’s Gum Recontouring?

When it comes to having the perfect smile it’s about a lot more than having straight, white teeth. In fact, it’s also about your gum line. If you have a “gummy smile” where it seems like more of your gums show than your actual teeth, you may want to consider a procedure from Arcadia Dental […]

Could Cavities One Day Be a Thing of the Past?

No one likes cavities. In fact, many people often attempt to ignore the pain a cavity causes for as long as possible to avoid the dreaded trip to the dentist for a filling. A report published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 91 percent of American adults between the ages […]

Newly Developed Smart Material Could Mean Less Tooth Decay

Most people who have a cavity and visit the dentist to have it filled leave feeling like everything is taken care of and there’s nothing else to worry about. Unfortunately, it’s common for bacteria to build up under fillings and cause a new cavity, also called recurrent caries. A recent study published in Scientific Reports […]

The Toothbrush of the Future?

It’s no secret we’re living in one of the fastest-evolving technological eras of all time. Every day new technology is released that makes life easier and more complex at the same time. The latest innovative breakthrough in the dental world is a toothbrush that seems out of this world. Colgate, together with Apple, is releasing […]

Why Invisalign Is the Clear Choice Over Mail-Order Teeth-Straightening Clubs

For those struggling with teeth that aren’t as straight as they’d like, it’s easy to be tempted with mail-order teeth-straightening offers. The idea of never having to go into the dentist’s office – instead straightening teeth in the comfort of your own home – while also saving money can make it seems almost too good […]

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