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Obtain a full smile makeover

Some patients naturally have a beautiful smile that is white, properly aligned, and healthy. However, others may have imperfections and problems that exist—sometimes even issues that are genetic. Phoenix, AZ area patients who are in need of improvements to their smile may be turned off at the idea of having several treatments done. However, with […]

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Cosmetic solutions for the smile available in Phoenix, AZ

Dr. John Pappas of Arcadia Dental Arts assist patients in and around the community of Phoenix, AZ with a wide selection of services. This includes cosmetic dentistry which enhances and transforms the appearance of the smile while maintaining oral health and wellness. Below are a few examples of some common dental treatments available in our […]

Dental Crowns | Phoenix, AZ

What to expect from your dental crown procedure

There are many reasons a patient may require the fabrication and placement of a dental crown. Perhaps they have undergone root canal therapy and need to protect their tooth structure. Maybe a large cavity has made the tooth’s structure weak and susceptible to further damage. Regardless, the team at Arcadia Dental Arts in Phoenix, AZ […]

Dental Myths Explained

While many patients visit their dentist regularly for cleanings and examinations, but the real care for the smile occurs between these appointments. Patients need to take care of their smile between dental visits to ensure a positive outcome. Patients who focus on their oral health will enjoy beautiful, healthy teeth for many years and build […]

Family Dentistry Phoenix, AZ

How Can a Parent Ensure Their Child Does Not Develop Cavities?

As a parent, we want what’s best for our children. This also means caring for their oral health. Children develop their first set of teeth at a very young age, typically between 6-12 months old. After this, the baby teeth will continue to erupt through the gum line at a very fast pace. As children […]

TMJ Phoenix, AZ

Is TMJ/TMD Causing My Headaches?

Do you deal with persistent and chronic headaches? Are you experiencing problems with your jaw joint that seem to contribute to this discomfort? You may be surprised to learn that there is a connection between chronic headaches and migraines and one’s oral health and wellness. This connection, known as the temporomandibular joint, may be the […]

General Dentistry Phoenix, A

Fall Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth

Now that we have kissed summer goodbye, it’s time to start gearing up for the fall season and treating your mouth right with some smile healthy snacks. Although Halloween (and cavity season are just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to list a few snacks that are healthy for your smile. Apples […]

Cigarettes and Your Smile

With so many risks involved in patients who smoke, there has been no better time than the present to quit. Not only does tobacco use contribute to lung cancer, heart disease, and a host of other issues, but it can also cause a variety of oral problems as well. Let’s take a closer look a […]

Family Dentistry Phoenix, AZ

Healthy Smile Alert: 3 Summer Foods to Avoid

Summer is all about sitting out in the sun and enjoying extra long days with your friends and family. But just like all seasons and all summer get-togethers, it’s also about the food. Although summer is full of a lot of fresh, healthy produce, there are also a lot of popular foods that aren’t so […]

Dental Implants Phoenix, AZ

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get a Tooth Replacement

Having a tooth pulled may finally give you the relief that you’ve been hoping for. Whether you’ve been dealing with a loose tooth, an infected tooth, or a tooth that’s always giving you grief, as soon as you have it pulled you may think, “I can finally breathe (or chew).” But, before you settle into […]

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