TMJ Treatment

What Is TMJ and How Can Dentistry Help?

Has your jaw ever hurt? The likely answer is that, yes, at some point, your jaw has hurt, and that’s entirely normal. However, some people experience continuous and recurring pain in their upper jaw. This is where it connects to the roof of their mouth. It seems that no matter what they do, they somehow wake up and go through their day with a sore, aching, and even sometimes burning feeling in their jaw. This pain can seriously affect talking, eating, sleeping, and even just laughing. This chronic jaw joint pain could be caused by TMJ. So what is TMJ, what does TMJ treatment look like, and how does dentistry play a role?

Understanding TMJ

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint and is often the short term to describe TMJ disorder. TMJ is where the joint that connects your lower jawbone to the skull becomes inflamed and irritated from different sources. This inflammation causes a range of issues that can be mild or severe. TMJ can last days, weeks, or even months. TMJ can also be recurring and considered chronic in some people.

Dentistry’s Role

So we understand that TMJ is a potentially chronic condition that is caused by jaw joint inflammation and irritation, but where does dental work fit in the picture? Well, the only way to fix TMJ is to remove the source of irritation. In some cases, that source will go away without the need for intervention, but not for people who suffer from chronic TMJ.

Dental work is one of the leading treatment options for TMJ due to the number of dental conditions that can lead to TMJ. Your dentist will evaluate your teeth, symptoms, and bite before suggesting treatment options. These options could be replacing missing teeth, filling teeth, correcting an improper bite, or using a special mouth guard for nighttime grinding.

Relieving Your TMJ With Dental Work

Everyone deserves to live a symptom-free life when dealing with TMJ, and while things like anti-inflammatory medication can help mitigate symptoms, they don’t attack the root cause. That’s why our team at Arcadia Dental Arts provides treatment options to get your life back on track and TMJ out of the picture.

Dr. Pappas with Arcadia Dental Arts is an award-winning dentist and understands that seeking help for your dental needs can be a stressful experience. That’s why he is dedicated to providing comfort and transparency to each patient to ensure satisfaction. So if you’re ready to begin your journey to a TMJ-free life, contact Arcadia Dental Arts at 602-957-9643 today.

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