What Problems Can a Full Smile Makeover Fix?

full smile makeover can help transform a wide variety of dental flaws to improve the appearance and function of your smile dramatically. If you are dissatisfied with the current state of your smile, continue reading to learn more about common issues a comprehensive cosmetic dentistry makeover may be able to fix.

What Problems Can a Full Smile Makeover Fix?

Restoring Stained, Discolored Teeth

Over time, the enamel on your teeth can become stained from food, drinks, medications, or habits like smoking. This can leave your teeth looking significantly duller, yellowed, or discolored. An essential component of a smile makeover is professional teeth whitening treatments to combat stains and discoloration. Customized whitening solutions help brighten your smile by targeting the exact shade issues affecting your enamel.

Repairing Chipped, Fractured, or Worn Teeth

Leading an active lifestyle can sometimes result in chipped teeth or excessive enamel wear over time. Major dental trauma, like sports collisions or accidents, may even cause outright tooth fractures. Assessing and fixing any damage to your tooth structure is a key part of a health-focused smile makeover. From minor chips and surface cracks to more serious underlying issues, modern dentistry offers better solutions than ever before. Cosmetic treatments like dental bonding, laminate veneers or crowns both mend and beautify injured, compromised smiles.

Straightening Crooked, Misaligned Teeth

Beyond just aesthetics, having a straighter smile also provides practical oral health benefits. When teeth are overly crowded, flared, or crooked, it becomes much harder to properly brush and floss every surface, putting you at greater risk for cavities and gum disease. Both clear aligner therapy and traditional braces offer ways to gradually improve the alignment of your bite, so cleaning is easier and your smile looks its best. Advanced clear options especially provide an inconspicuous path to a more properly positioned smile.

Reducing Excess Gum Tissue Exposure

Showing extra upper gum tissue when you smile is a frequently cited cosmetic complaint. Even patients with perfectly healthy gums can display too much “gummy” area, gingival exposure that makes their smile appear shorter. Multiple individual procedures can minimize a gummy smile, from gum tissue contouring to altering tooth proportions and lengths with veneers. An experienced cosmetic dentist will account for gumline height during your smile makeover planning.

Renewing Your Smile’s Appearance

A complete smile makeover takes a comprehensive approach to enhancing and revitalizing the aesthetics of your smile and your overall facial appearance. If you are interested in exploring the benefits of a full smile makeover, call the smile design experts at Arcadia Dental Arts in Phoenix, AZ, at 602-957-9643 today to schedule your personalized smile makeover consultation. Dr. John Pappas and his team are fully committed to providing patients with quality care at every level.

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