Posts From December, 2017

The Benefits of In-Office Dental Implants

Missing a tooth or several teeth can make life difficult. Not only can it be challenging and even painful to chew or speak, but it can also be embarrassing. If you’ve considered dental implants in the past but just weren’t sure, you’ll love how easy the process has become over the years because of advances […]

What’s the Going Rate for the Tooth Fairy These Days?

It’s a parenting moment that often catches moms and dads off-guard: How do you decide how much the tooth fairy should leave behind the first time a child loses a tooth? Many parents first think back to their childhood and start there. However, it’s common to find that you and your spouse or you and […]

New Study Adds Confusion to Tap Water Debate

It’s been a controversial topic for some years: Is it better to drink tap water or bottled water? Last year, bottled water sales outdid soda for the first time in history. Public awareness campaigns fighting America’s out-of-control sugar consumption seem to be helping steer habits in a healthier direction. It’s been a controversial topic for […]

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New Dental Material Effective at Reducing Plaque Buildup

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have discovered a new dental material that kills bacteria and is capable of resisting biofilm growth. Their study was recently published in the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. Biofilms are communities of bacteria that form and stick to surfaces, especially wet ones, said Dr. John Pappas, DDS, of […]

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