Posts From April, 2012

Bone Resorption in the Jaw – What it is and the Consequences of it

While bone is naturally very rigid, it isn’t necessarily permanent or unalterable. In fact, bone is known to be highly dynamic, as it constantly goes through a cycle of regeneration and resorption. In this latter cycle, the osteoclasts break down the body’s bones – including the jawbone – to release needed minerals, such as calcium, […]

Early Detection of TMJ and Possible Prevention

When most people think of dental and oral health problems, they probably automatically picture cavities, fillings, tooth loss, gum disease, and other well-known conditions that affect the teeth and mouth; however, there are many other problems that can occur within the mouth that many patients do not know about. Take TMJ, for instance. Though not […]

Holy Halitosis, Batman!

We’ve all woken up with morning breathe: an intolerable odor that generally goes away once you brush your teeth, floss and use a little mouthwash. Most of us have also had horrible breath after eating something like onion or garlic; but again, this too is easily solved with a mint or gum. But what if […]

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