General Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

General Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. That’s why at Arcadia Dental Arts we believe that all dentistry should be done with cosmetics in mind. You shouldn’t have to choose between feeling good and looking good.

Why is General Dentistry Important?

A healthy smile is a comfortable smile. The way to a healthy smile is through a strong relationship with your dental team, and that begins with routine checkups and cleanings. Regular exams and cleanings are the cornerstones of general dentistry, but the services that are provided within this category go above and beyond. General dental care can be preventative or restorative. Your dentist and hygienist work diligently to help you avoid painful dental problems like tooth decay and infection. In the event of such problems, they provide care that restores comfort and oral function as quickly as possible.

Your comfort is one of the most important rewards of seeing your dentist regularly. Additionally, general dentistry is important because the services provided can help you avoid extensive tooth damage by catching and treating progressive problems right away. Early detection and treatment can save you from unnecessary pain and also from undue stress caused by persistent throbbing or aching. Routine dental care is also cost-effective in that it can radically decrease the chances of needing comprehensive restorative treatments like root canal therapy or periodontal surgery.

Modern science has carefully studied the value of oral health, discovering that there are distinct ties between dental problems like gum disease and other disease processes in the body. Gum disease doesn't just cause inflammation and bad breath, it can also increase your risks for diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. Gum health is also an important factor during pregnancy, having influence over pregnancy outcomes such as birth weight. As you seek to live your fullest and healthiest life, it is important to attend to your oral health through general dentistry services.

Why Choose Arcadia Dental Arts?

The team at Aradia Dental Arts operates with specific goals in mind. We value the relationships that we build with our patients, knowing that the trust that we foster can support lifelong oral health. To achieve our goals, we provide a variety of dental services in a professional, friendly environment. We continue to invest in our skills and the dental technologies used in our office as a way of ensuring we consistently provide the most comfortable and efficient care. We are always mindful of patients' comfort, and we take time to explain procedures and strategies for maintaining oral health through daily oral care habits. In addition to our many general dentistry services, we also offer several cosmetic services that can help our patients enjoy healthy, radiant, attractive smiles.

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