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There are two types of cosmetic patients

– Some patients come to us specifically for a smile enhancement.

These patients want their smile to look better and they’re ready to take the next steps to make that happen. Sometimes it’s as simple as teeth whitening while others may be looking for an entire smile makeover.

– Some patients have just accepted the way their teeth look and aren’t aware there are options for them.

For these patients, hope may have been lost a long time ago. When they come in to see us for a regular appointment and mention their feelings, it brings Dr. Pappas immense joy to tell them that he can help them have the smile they never thought was possible.

Cosmetic options for everyone

What are your options for cosmetic dentistry in Phoenix, AZ? We offer solutions to help correct almost every cosmetic dental concern you could think of. Whether you have a missing tooth or a smile you wish was whiter and brighter, Dr. Pappas can help.

Some of our cosmetic options include:


The best solution for a missing tooth is with a permanent dental implant. It replaces the tooth from the root up to keep the jaw strong.

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For patients who are unhappy with crooked teeth but don’t want the hassle or look of traditional braces, Invisalign is the perfect answer.

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We all struggle with stains and discoloration. You don’t have to stop drinking wine and coffee just to have white teeth.

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Now everyone can have a Hollywood smile worthy of the big screen. Porcelain veneers can help correct almost any cosmetic concern you may have.

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For those with chipped or cracked teeth, Dr. Pappas offers dental crowns in just one visit. Thanks to his investment in technology, the time it takes to get a natural looking tooth is cut in half.

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If you’re missing or more teeth, a bridge could help you chew comfortably again. Now you can say goodbye to that empty space in your mouth.

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Full Smile Makeovers

Are your teeth holding you back from feeling confident and beautiful? Dr. Pappas loves helping change lives with custom designed smile makeovers.

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Gum Recontouring

If you feel like your smile is “gummy” you may be surprised to find out there’s a treatment for that. With laser gum treatment a balanced smile has never been easier.

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Dental Bonding

A chipped tooth doesn’t have to be your worst nightmare thanks to dental bonding. It can even help close the gap between teeth for those looking for a quick alternative to orthodontics.

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If you’ve been thinking about cosmetic dentistry but have been unsure exactly how it could help you achieve your goals, call us today at 602.957.9643 so you can get the answers you need and be on your way to the smile of your dreams.

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