Misconceptions About Smile Makeovers

Sometimes news travels via word of mouth that can help change lives for the better. But other times, the message can get cloudy and convoluted along the way, and it takes some research to sort out the fact from the fiction. Here are a few common myths about smile makeovers: Full Mouth Reconstruction vs. Smile […]

Are You Tired of the Same Old Mint Flavor?

When you walk down the toothpaste aisle, the number of choices can be overwhelming. But, on closer inspection, you’re really only choosing from varieties of the same mint flavors. Peppermint, Spearmint, Cinnamint, Cool Mint, and the list truly could go on. It all started in the medieval times. People used mint leaves to freshen their […]

More Realistic CGI is on the Way

Disney Research and ETH Zurich, a STEM university located in Switzerland, have made a breakthrough in the world of CGI. Computer-generated imagery is used in creating characters and entire worlds in video games, movies, television, commercials, videos and more. In CGI, the human face is one area audiences pay close attention to in regards to […]

Can Certain Medications Cause Implant Failure?

500,000 Americans a year receive dental implants to replace lost teeth. These implants are anchored permanently in the jaw where the root used to be and act just as normal teeth do. Many people report a huge increase in their quality of life after getting implants due to a more confident smile, easier chewing, speaking […]

The Top Teeth Staining Foods

Smiles are sometimes said to be the key to confidence. No one wants to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious when smiling. But, in a culture that loves consuming coffee, wine, and other tooth staining delicacies it can be hard to keep teeth looking their best. It seems to be common knowledge things like coffee, wine, sodas […]

Children’s Oral Health: A Book For Every Stage

Regular bedtime reading has been shown to lead to better parent-child relationships and to boost brain development. Children find it very soothing and often themes in books can help them deal with the problems they face during their daily lives. It can be hard being a kid when things are constantly changing and evolving as […]

The Art of The Face

Your face says a lot about you. It can show your mood, it can give hints at your lifestyle, it can give clues about your age and your ethnicity. But, can it also give subconscious insights into your core personality traits? In the 1930s a branch of science emerged called Morphopsychology that involved studying the […]

A Treatment Option for TMJ Disorders

The Temporomandibular Joint sounds like a huge, complicated thing but it’s actually really simple. Place your fingers just in front of your ears and open your mouth. You should be able to feel the joint move under your fingertips. This is the TMJ. This joint connects the jaw to the skull. TMJ disorders can also […]

Orange Juice and Toothpaste Just Don’t Mix

If you haven’t experienced the horrible taste in your mouth when you take a sip of orange juice after having recently brushed your teeth, consider yourself lucky. It’s gross. Orange juice isn’t the only culprit either. Discussions on this topic lead to a long list of things people find nasty after brushing their teeth. Sports […]

An Easy Way to a More Confident You

Researchers from Webster University took a unique approach when studying how confidence affected the dating scene. They spent hours people watching at a bar and found one thing that really stood out and seemed to make a huge difference in the success of the romantic advances that took place. They discovered that the women who […]

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