My Jaw Clicks When I Chew Is That Normal?

The body is prone to make noises. Sometimes those noises are harmless. For example, the pop you hear from cracking knuckles is not damaging to your joints, But some noises could indicate an underlying condition or may require you to seek treatment.

When your jaw clicks, it could be a sign that you have temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). TMJ is a condition that affects the joint that connects your jaw to the skull. Issues with this joint can alter your bite, cause headaches, and be painful. Luckily, treatment exists.

Does Jaw Clicking Automatically Mean TMJ? 

Sometimes, jaw clicking can be benign and harmless.

An excellent way to tell if your jaw clicking or popping is normal is to notice when your jaw clicks. If your jaw clicks after you open your mouth wide, such as after a large yawn, this type of popping may not indicate TMJ.

If your jaw clicks from a closed position to an open position, it could be TMJ.

Another helpful tool to determine for yourself if you may have TMJ is pain. If it hurts while you chew, if there is discomfort around your jaw or radiating pain from the jaw area across the face, you may have TMJ.

The best way to know if TMJ causes your jaw clicking is to visit a dentist who can diagnose you.

Why You Need To Go to the Dentist if You Have TMJ

TMJ can have many causes. Disorders affecting that joint can be because of cartilage or bone degradation, malocclusion, or when the teeth are misaligned, TMJ can even be caused by jaw tightness.

Because of these varied causes, your TMJ can be a precursor to even more severe oral health disorders. Furthermore, your TMJ may not get better on its own. Having an experienced, knowledgeable dentist can be necessary in bringing pain relief and ensuring long-term oral health.

Get Your Jaw Clicking Checked At Arcadia Dental Arts

TMJ can be a serious, painful condition. If your jaw has been clicking or if you’ve been feeling jaw pain, don’t delay.

At Arcadia Dental Arts, we have been proudly serving the Phoenix, Arizona, community and surrounding areas, with a dedication toward care and service.

We would love the opportunity to help you as well. For TMJ treatment, please contact our office today at 602-957-9643.


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