Newly Crowned? How to Avoid Damaging Your Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns | Phoenix, AZ If you were newly crowned— and no, we aren’t talking royalty— with some new dental crowns, then your mouth may finally be happy to have new set of functioning teeth (even if they’re artificial). To help you take better care of your crowns and make sure that they don’t chip or crack on you anytime soon, we at Arcadia Dental Arts have created a list of a few things for you to avoid.

Ice Ice Baby

Vanilla Ice may love chewing ice more than the rest of us, but when you have dental crowns, it’s the last thing you want to do. Ice can wreak havoc on your natural teeth, but when it comes to artificial teeth like dental crowns, it can be that much harder on your mouth and may cause them to chip and break.

Clean Up

Remember those Orbit gum commercials a few years ago, “Dirty mouth? Clean it up!” Well, make sure that you clean up your mouth with some floss and toothpaste. Your dental crowns are just as susceptible to plaque, germs, bacteria, and tartar as your natural teeth. Make sure that you follow the basic dental rules and that you brush twice a day, floss twice a day, and come into our office every six months for a dental cleaning.

You’re Not a Bottle Opener

Even though you may have had cool party tricks in college like using your teeth to open beer bottles, you should definitely put those hobbies to rest. Using your dental crowns or natural teeth as tools, is one of the fastest ways for you to chip them and end up back in our dental chair in need of a new set of crowns.

Are you interested in learning a little bit more about dental crowns? If so, contact us at our Phoenix office and call us at 602.957.9643.

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