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How composite resin bonding can address smile imperfections

istock 629077968 1 There are many materials commonly used in dentistry to cosmetically enhance the smile. Dr. John Pappas is pleased to offer a biocompatible, natural-looking material known as composite resin bonding that is typically used to address imperfections of the smile. This material is also used in completing tooth-colored fillings when cavities exist, eliminating the need for materials such as silver amalgam to be used for restoring the smile’s health.

What is composite resin bonding?

Also called “dental bonding,” composite resin bonding is a material that closely mimics the look of tooth enamel. It is a clay-like material at first that can be molded onto a tooth. The dentist then hardens, or cures, the material with a unique dental light. Then, Dr. John Pappas files and polishes it to complete the process and ensure the restoration looks like the natural tooth. When done correctly, it can be difficult to discern where the repair was done and where the natural tooth enamel starts.

How does a dentist use composite resin bonding?

Resin dental bonding is versatile, and can be used in the following ways:

  • Treat a cavity. Composite resin fillings are more desirable than alternative options which can be dark and noticeable. Filling a cavity with this material ensures a more natural look and makes it hard to find where the cavity once was.
  • Tooth breakage. A chip or crack in a tooth can be sharp and cut the soft tissues of the mouth. It can also impact the appearance of the smile. Using composite resin bonding to repair a tooth is faster than having a porcelain veneer fabricated and placed.
  • Disguise gaps between teeth. Instead of undergoing months of orthodontic treatment to fix a gap between the front teeth, many patients choose to disguise it with composite resin bonding instead. This is a fast and affordable option for many of our patients considering aesthetic treatments to resolve the spacing of the teeth.

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