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While many patients visit their dentist regularly for cleanings and examinations, but the real care for the smile occurs between these appointments. Patients need to take care of their smile between dental visits to ensure a positive outcome. Patients who focus on their oral health will enjoy beautiful, healthy teeth for many years and build a proper foundation that will last a lifetime. However, even though Phoenix, AZ area patients may visit their dentist routinely for their examinations, they may also hear many dental myths that are not actually true. Dr. John Pappas of Arcadia Dental Arts will help break these myths and provide patients the education they need to achieve better oral health and wellness.

Myth #1: Any type of sugar will cause cavities.

Some patients think that sugar is sugar. Most patients know that sugar is not good for their overall health or their teeth. However, the amount of sugar a patient eats does not impact their teeth as much as how often they eat it. Every time you enjoy a sugary beverage or a sweet candy, the bacteria in the mouth can quickly convert the sugars on the teeth to acid that can last approximately 30 minutes if not removed with brushing or flossing. Patients who graze on sugary foods and beverages all day are impacting their smile more than just consuming them just once a day.

Myth #2: The baby teeth do not require special care since they will fall out anyway.

This is completely false! Parents sometimes are not concerned about their child’s dental health as they feel the baby teeth are going to be lost a few years later anyway. However, this is not true. It is best for parents to set their children up with proper oral health habits early and often to start a lifetime of good habits. Teeth that are impacted by decay or disease can also impact the smile’s overall health, causing future problems that may be expensive to address.

Myth #3: Sensitive teeth is a sign of cavities.

While patients with cavities may experience sensitivity in the problematic tooth, it does not always mean that cavities are present. Sometimes, sensitivity may be caused by worn enamel or an exposed root. Other times it may just be the way the teeth are. Regardless, it is important to have any changes such as this evaluated by a dentist to ensure the smile is healthy and to provide appropriate treatment options.

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