This 10-Second Toothbrush Has the Internet in an Uproar

A super-fast, fully automatic toothbrush called the Amabrush is creating a stir on Kickstarter. Amabrush’s campaign raised more than 3 million Euros, far surpassing the original goal of 50,000 Euros. So what has people so excited?

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The Amabrush comes in three parts: the mouthpiece, the hand piece and the toothpaste capsules. The mouthpiece contains rows of 3D bristles at 45-degree angles that are soft but strong. The company’s first round of products will only offer one mouthpiece size, which the company claims will fit most adult jaws, both female and male. Inside the mouthpiece will be a series of micro channels that will deliver toothpaste from the toothpaste capsules directly into the mouthpiece. The hand piece will house the device’s wireless charging capabilities and a battery that can last for up to a month.

The hand piece is designed so that couples and eventually families can share them. Each person needs only to buy his or her own mouthpiece. Mouthpieces are connected via magnets and can be taken off and put back together as needed.

According to the company’s Kickstarter page, the process is simple:

Step 1: Put the Amabrush in your mouth and push the button to begin.

Step 2: Wait for 10 seconds as it cleans all your teeth simultaneously.

Step 3: Spit and rinse.

The creators claim that because the brush cleans all teeth simultaneously, the process takes only 10 seconds instead of the normal recommended 120 seconds. Time will tell if the product will pass certification and deliver on the promised results. According to the Amabrush’s Kickstarter page, initial supporters should receive their products in October of this year. If all goes well, the rest of the Kickstarter supporters will receive their products in December.

In the meantime, be sure to keep up with your consistent flossing and brushing routines at home. A good at-home oral care routine combined with regular visits to your dentist for a professional cleaning is the best way to keep teeth cavity-free and healthy. If you are due for your next exam and cleaning, give Arcadia Dental Arts at (602) 957-9643 and schedule your appointment today.

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