Are You Sick of Coffee Staining Your Teeth?

Some of us can’t wake up all the way until we’ve had a nice, fresh cup of coffee. But while many of us love the aroma and taste, we don’t love the stain and discoloring it causes on our teeth.   Drinking coffee

Coffee Stains on Teeth

There are two types of stains when it comes to teeth: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic stains refer to those on the surface of the teeth. Over time, these stains can seep into the deeper parts of the teeth and become intrinsic, or inside, the teeth. It is much more difficult to reverse the signs of intrinsic staining, but it’s definitely still possible in most cases.

New Colorless Coffee

The obvious answer to avoiding stains is to avoid the stain-causing foods and drinks you love. But no one wants to do that! In fact, two brothers in the United Kingdom were so adamant about maintaining their coffee habit while eliminating the subsequent tooth staining, they developed clear coffee!

The product, CLR CFF, is sold in the UK and online. The cost for two bottles is about $7.50 plus shipping online. Reviewers reported the coffee tasted like a strong cold brew.

Now that clear coffee has been proven possible, we’ll likely see competitors hitting store shelves in the future.

Teeth Whitening Can Reverse Years of Staining 

If you’re tired of coffee causing stains on your teeth, but you’re not quite ready to try clear coffee, try these tips:

-Don’t sip it slowly throughout the day. Finish it in one sitting so your mouth can return to a healthy pH balance as quickly as possible.

-Use a straw. It does help to minimize the amount of coffee that comes in direct contact with teeth.

-Use a whitening toothpaste. This can help keep the extrinsic surface stains from building up as quickly.

-Add an extra daily brushing to your routine. It’s important to wait 30 minutes after drinking or eating before you do, though, because the acid in food and drinks softens enamel temporarily.

These are great ways to prevent future staining, but you may be wondering what to do about the built-up staining that is bothering you right now. Professional teeth whitening has been known to get teeth up to eight shades whiter in just one treatment. To find out more or schedule an appointment, call our office at (602) 957-9643.

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