The Art of The Face

Your face says a lot about you. It can show your mood, it can give hints at your lifestyle, it can give clues about your age and your ethnicity. But, can it also give subconscious insights into your core personality traits?

In the 1930s a branch of science emerged called Morphopsychology that involved studying the features of the face and how they relate to personality. French psychiatrist, Louis Corman combined his findings and those of French doctor, Claude Sigaud to determine that there was a link between visual appearances and personality traits that occurred cross-culturally. The term Visage, meaning face, emerged and today Visagism is being put into play by cosmetic dentists who want to help people match their smile to their personality, enabling them to outwardly express who they are inside

The lower third of the face is characterized by the mouth which includes the lips and teeth. Most people’s eyes are drawn here when first seeing one another, whether stranger or friend. Some scientists believe that the lines, shapes, and symbols of the face are unconsciously observed instantly and categorized in our minds with links to personality types. This nonverbal communication occurs in mere seconds.

Dr. John Pappas, leading Phoenix cosmetic dentist says,

“Smile makeovers are truly a work of art and require keen eyes with great taste and understanding of visual composition. In our office, we take into consideration things like hair color, skin tone, the shape of the face, lips, teeth and gums and the personality of each individual and how they want to present themselves to the world. We can use various, highly advanced methods such as porcelain veneers, implants, whitening techniques, bonding and crowns to change the shape, size, alignment and color of the teeth to better reflect the image the patient wants to reflect.”

Visagism is translated into the dental world by using a combination of Hippocrates’ theory of temperaments with visual representations of the face and teeth. For instance, a rectangular shaped face with strong angles and eyes that appear deep set can be indicative of a choleric temperament. These individuals are often determined, passionate and intense. Those with a prominent nose, wide mouth, and angular facial shape are often thought to be sanguine. This personality can be characterized as very extroverted, enthusiastic and at times impulsive. An oval shaped face with rounded features and close-set eyes can be interpreted as belonging to one who is melancholic. They are organized, reserved and can be perfectionists. Finally, a protruding lip, heavy eyelids and a rounded or squared face can be characteristic of a phlegmatic personality. These are usually the peacemakers, they are calm and often drawn to spirituality and mysticism.

Teeth shape also plays a role in the personality that is represented in Visagism. The lines, directions, and way light reflects off the teeth artfully convey different emotions and associations.

Choleric – Rectangular Shaped Teeth

Sanguine – Triangular Shaped Teeth

Melancholic – Oval Shaped Teeth

Phlegmatic – Square Shaped Teeth

Advances in modern dental technology have allowed cosmetic dentists to virtually plan out treatments and procedures in order to ensure complete satisfaction for the patient. Designing the perfect smile not only for the aesthetics of the face but also as a representative of personality has never been easier.

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