Prevention Begins at Home

Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. One of the reasons so many people around the world suffer from gum disease is because often patients don’t even realize they have it. At Arcadia Dental Arts, we focus on early diagnosis and prevention. Dr. Pappas believes that patient education is one of the most important ways to prevent and treat gum disease.

Here are some habits you can adopt today to help prevent gum disease:

Don’t slack on your daily routine.

Brushing for two to three minutes twice a day and flossing every single day is imperative to preventing gum disease.

Avoid tobacco.

Smoking cigarettes isn’t the only way to increase your risk for gum disease and oral cancer. Smokeless tobacco should be avoided for all the same reasons.

Use a mouth rinse.

Mouth rinses can help reduce plaque by up to 20%. They should never replace your oral care routine, but they make a great addition to it.

Talk to your dentist about the medications you’re taking.

Even if the medication isn’t specifically damaging to the gums or mouth, it’s side effects could contribute to other factors that affect teeth and gums such as dry mouth or issues with blood circulation.

Don’t skip your six-month checkups.

It can be hard to make it in every six months for a cleaning and exam. Our lives are busier than ever, and at Arcadia Dental Arts we understand that completely. But, those twice a year cleanings are imperative for removing plaque build-up and keeping an eye on any signs that gum disease could be forming.

Dr. Pappas says the most important way you can help prevent gum disease is through an effective and consistent oral hygiene routine at home. He even suggests adding a waterpik to your supply arsenal as it’s a highly effective tool for reducing bacteria, plaque, and debris.

We know today that gum disease doesn’t just affect the mouth and teeth, but the whole body. That’s why it’s so important to take steps to prevent and treat it before the damage is done. If you are due for cleaning or you would like more information on gum disease, call our office today at (602) 957-9643.

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