New Year’s Resolutions for your Teeth

For Arcadia Dental Arts, resolutions have always been an important part of welcoming the New Year. Aside from providing some direction to move forward with, it encourages us to go beyond what we have achieved so far and challenges ourselves in ways we never thought we could.

While some may have their own resolutions involving their career and lifestyle, Arcadia Dental Arts, as always is promoting healthier teeth for better wellbeing. Hence, here are a few changes you could commit to this 2015 for a brighter and better smile.

Commit to Flossing

Brushing your teeth twice a day isn’t enough to keep plaque from building up on your teeth and cavities from forming. To take the best care of your teeth, you need to floss too. If you’re not used to flossing, this year would be a great time to make a habit of it.

Cut Back on Sugar

As we all know, too many sweets can considerably increase your risk for tooth decay. Hence, cutting back on sugar can help maintain a healthier smile. One way to do this is to reduce the number of sugary treats you buy. Simple swaps like drinking sugar-free seltzer water instead of soda, or chewing a piece of sugar-free gum when you have a craving can help you cut back as well.

Kick the Habit

Aside from a host of other health issues, smoking can also double your risk for gum diseases. That is why there is never a bad time to give up the habit. Get rid of all the tobacco products from your home and solicit the support of your friends and family to help you quit. There will be cravings along the way, so it’s important to find a healthy activity to engage in when a craving kicks in.

Eat Healthier Foods

Add more orally healthy foods to your diet. Dairy products, which are high in calcium, are great for your teeth, as are fibrous foods that call up saliva and scrub away plaque and other food bits.

Schedule a Dental Appointment

Booking an appointment to your dentist is perhaps one of the most important resolutions you can do for a healthier smile. Even if your teeth look and feel fine, a thorough checkup can help prevent worse dental case scenarios.

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