Mail Order Teeth Straighteners

The first thing that comes to mind when many people think of orthodontic treatment is cost. This concern has teen and adults looking for ways to fix their crooked smiles themselves in alarming ways.

Videos that have gone viral with millions of views show teens teaching other teens how to use rubber bands and hair ties to force teeth closer together and close gaps. Companies online are catering to this dangerous trend by offering heavy duty elastic bands marketed just for moving teeth.

A quick search for “DIY braces gone wrong” turns up gut wrenching photos of teeth hanging on by a thread or lost completely. The bands can easily slip off teeth up into the gum line where it eventually cuts off circulation to the tooth or teeth it was supposedly fixing.

Another product on the market is do-it-yourself clear braces that try to market themselves like Invisalign but without the direct supervision of a professional. These companies claim a dentist supervises the creation of custom aligners made from the impressions the customer takes themselves, and many request a form to be signed stating you have had x-rays and a consultation with an actual dentists or orthodontists before starting the program. However, there’s nothing in place to ensure this is actually being done.

It’s understandable that people care about their smile and want to fix it. These dangerous methods offer no guarantees and high risk for permanent damage. If the price is an issue, many dentists, including Dr. Pappas offer payment plans and financing options to make the care you deserve affordable.

Orthodontic treatment can be sought after for cosmetic reasons or for function and comfort. Crowded teeth are difficult to clean and can also mean that a bite misalignment is occurring. Over time this can lead to wear on other teeth or jaw problems associated with TMJ disorders.

If you’re struggling with your smile but are concerned about the financial or physical investment that professional teeth straightening may have, call us today at (602) 957-9643, so we can help you get the quality care you need and deserve.

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