Invisalign Dentist: Your Partner in Achieving Straighter, Healthier Teeth

Arcadia Dental Arts is one of the top-performing dental clinics in Arizona today. As a matter of fact, our field of expertise has extended further into more advanced dental procedures, like Invisalign. Invisalign is a good alternative for people who find metal braces and brackets highly uncomfortable. Made of smooth and colorless plastic, these aligners are worn over the teeth to straighten and correct crooked, overly crowded or widely-spaced teeth, and adjust crossbite and overbite. Even more impressive, Invisalign poses little to no interference to your daily activities. You can still enjoy your meal and complete your routine tasks while wearing your Invisalign aligner.

In order for you to acquire and experience the best Invisalign product in town, you must first choose the right kind of professional to do the job. Our dentists at Arcadia Dental Arts possess remarkable knowledge and experience in both general and cosmetic dentistry. This means that clients can expect us to provide top-of-the-line and durable Invisalign treatment and products.

Our line-up of dentists and orthodontists are licensed, certified, and we uphold safe and hygienic techniques to secure the success of each cosmetic dental procedure. Based on each patient’s specific and unique needs, we can craft a custom-made aligner that will fit their teeth perfectly. Additionally, our Invisalign treatment can be adjusted depending on the end-goal that you want to achieve for your pearly whites. The procedure ideally takes 6 to 18 months to complete. In every step of the way, our dentists will guide you will readily make all the necessary modifications if needed.

The aftermath of our superb Invisalign procedure is a straighter, more beautiful and more confident smile. Furthermore, we have helped improve the lifestyle and diet of many individuals who used to suffer from misaligned teeth.

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