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Healthy Smile Alert: 3 Summer Foods to Avoid

Family Dentistry Phoenix, AZ

Summer is all about sitting out in the sun and enjoying extra long days with your friends and family. But just like all seasons and all summer get-togethers, it’s also about the food. Although summer is full of a lot of fresh, healthy produce, there are also a lot of popular foods that aren’t so good for your teeth. But what?


Whether they are fresh fruit popsicles or super sugary processed popsicles, nothing can cool you down during a hot summer’s day quite like one of these treats. However, all types of popsicles are filled with  sugar, which means that they are more likely to give you a cavity.

S’ mores

A chilly summer night wouldn’t be complete without a fire and some marshmallows to roast over it, would it? S’ mores are an American treat that we love to eat, but when you combine sticky marshmallow and melted chocolate, it is not going to do your mouth any favors. Sticky, sugary foods are especially your mouths worst nightmare. No, you don’t have to miss out on the s’  more’s fun entirely, but try to limit your intake.

Summer Cocktails

For the adults in your life, summer is all about trying new, trendy cocktails. With so many fun cocktail recipes on websites like Pinterest, it can seem like there’s always a fun one to try. The only problems with the majority of cocktails are that they are usually filled with a bunch of syrup or sugar. Not only are these cocktails bad for your mouth, but they contain more calories than you may be aware of. Rather than drinking one of these sugary drinks, reach for another trendy beverage like a spiked seltzer. Spike seltzers are low in sugar and calories so that you get the best of both worlds.

Enjoy your summer cavity free and watch the sugary snacks that you eat. Ready to schedule your next dental cleaning? Contact our Phoenix office today at  602.957.9643.

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