An Easy Way to a More Confident You

Researchers from Webster University took a unique approach when studying how confidence affected the dating scene. They spent hours people watching at a bar and found one thing that really stood out and seemed to make a huge difference in the success of the romantic advances that took place. They discovered that the women who made eye contact with a confident smile were most likely to be approached by members of the opposite sex. They determined they weren’t necessarily the most attractive women in the room, based on scientifically studied current beauty standards, but they were the most outwardly confident in the way they behaved and spoke.

Confidence has long been said to be a quality that can increase a person’s attractiveness no matter their gender. It shows inner strength and positive feelings towards oneself. But, what if you just don’t feel all that positive about yourself? There aren’t quick fixes to all the things that can cause low levels of confidence, but sometimes one simple change can give you the boost you need to feel good about yourself.

Arcadia Dental Arts prides itself on watching patients walk out of our Phoenix office with their heads held higher than ever before after a simple in-office professional teeth whitening treatment. Your results don’t have to end when you leave the office, either. We can create custom made trays to be used at home with special whitening gel for when you need a touch-up or want to continue working toward a brighter shade of white. Over-the-counter options may seem cheap and quick, but they just don’t give you the same results like a professional treatment.

To find out more information about your professional teeth whitening options or to schedule and appointment, call the office at (602) 957-9643. You can also check out our page devoted to answering your questions about teeth whitening here.

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