As humans, we tend to ignore pains and aches that aren’t extreme.  However, if you have been a long-time sufferer of headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, and tinnitus, now is a good time to have your symptoms checked out because your symptoms may be due to a condition known as TMJ Dysfunction (TMD for short).  While some dentists don’t treat the condition, you can rely on Dr. Pappas for help with TMJ in Phoenix.

What is TMJ Disorder?

TMJ Disorder occurs when a patient has an untreated imbalance or misalignment within the jaw joints.  The temporomandibular joint, usually known as the TMJ, is a very complex joint that not only allows us to open and close our mouths, but is also one that interacts with the spine, skull, ears, and other parts of the body.  When there is something “off” with the TMJ, the less than ideal positioning of the jaw can lead to all sorts of symptoms.  These symptoms are a result of the body unconsciously attempting to reposition the jaw joint into a location that is more comfortable.  However, this usually causes all sorts of tension and strain within the bones, muscles, tendons, and nerves, which can cause things such as headaches, facial pain, and other symptoms.  Thankfully with proper diagnosis and treatment, your TMJ can be repositioned, which will resolve your symptoms!

TMJ Disorder

Do I have a TMJ Disorder?

Though self-diagnosis is never advised by Dr. Pappas, you may want to compare your symptoms to a list of some of the most commonly experienced symptoms from those patients who have suffered from TMD.  Some of the most widely treated symptoms include:

While these symptoms seem to be very common and broad, it’s important to keep in mind that TMJ symptoms never go away permanently.  If you have been suffering from coming and going tinnitus or neck pain, it is worth a trip to Dr. Pappas to see whether or not your TMJ is what is causing the discomfort.  Of course, these symptoms may be unrelated to your TMJ so it is important that you consult with Phoenix TMJ dentist Dr. Pappas about your TMJ concerns.

Is TMD Treatable?

Though many patients have sought help from other providers and been unsuccessfully treated in the past, TMD is a treatable condition once it is properly diagnosed and treated at the source of the problem: the bite.  The main problem behind TMJ dysfunction is that the jaw joints are not in their ideal position.  Simply put, the bite isn’t in proper alignment.  Repositioning the bite to a more comfortable position can relieve your symptoms.  Using a variety of treatment methods, from oral appliances or simple adjustments,  to full mouth reconstruction, we can correct the bite and thereby correctly reposition the jaw joints.

Get Your Jaw and Life Back On Track with Dr. Pappas

Don’t let the problem of a misaligned bite fill your life with daily discomfort.  Say goodbye to the jaw pain and the headaches, and come to Dr. Pappas for proper TMJ diagnosis and TMJ treatment.  He is your go-to dentist for anything dealing with TMJ in Phoenix.  Whether you’re looking for a second opinion, a first-time diagnosis, or a new treatment option, you can count on Dr. Pappas to help you with any of your TMJ-related problems.  To schedule an appointment call our office at 602.680.5356 or contact us online!

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