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Arcadia Dental Arts located in Phoenix offers a variety of services, including general dentistry for kids. Dr. John Pappas is an experienced general dentist with an understanding of pediatric dentistry designed for toddlers who require more time during examinations in order to feel less fearful about procedures. For busy parents, a family dentistry practice is perfect because several individuals can have examinations and treatments on the same day.

Thorough Dental Cleanings

Everyone should have an examination at a dental facility twice a year along with a thorough cleaning performed by a dental hygienist. A dental cleaning is essential to remove hardened plaque that develops between teeth and leads to halitosis or tooth decay. The removal of plaque improves the appearance of teeth and helps to prevent inflammation in the gum tissue and underlying jawbone.

Customized Dental Crowns

If Dr. Pappas finds a small cavity during an examination, he can fill it quickly with a color-matching composite material. Alternatively, if a tooth has a lot of decay, then he can remove the infection to prepare the tooth for a dental crown. Porcelain crowns are customized for each patient to provide a natural-looking smile along with a sturdy biting surface, and with the proper care will last for many years.


Providing Emergency Services

A general dentist is able to offer other services, including emergency repairs such as reinserting a dislocated tooth. When a tooth is dislodged from the mouth, a patient should place it in a soft and damp cloth to bring it to the dental facility. After arriving at the dentist’s office, a dental care team begins the process of cleaning the patient’s mouth and tooth socket to reinsert the tooth. To keep the tooth in place, Dr. Pappas wraps wires around surrounding teeth to stabilize it inside the mouth for several weeks.

Designing Dental Bridges

If a dislocated tooth does not reattach with proper blood flow, then a patient has an unattractive gap in their mouth. However, a general dentist can design a dental bridge with beautiful porcelain crowns that is placed inside the mouth permanently to provide a gorgeous smile and strong biting surface. With the proper care and regular checkups, a dental bridge will last a lifetime.

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Arcadia Dental Arts is considered one of the friendliest places for families to enjoy general dentistry treatments. Patients can choose from an assortment of general and cosmetic procedures to have a healthy mouth with strong teeth. The office staff is able to arrange several dental appointments on the same day for multiple family members to make their lives smoother and dental care faster. Call 602-957-9643 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pappas.