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Why replace mercury fillings

dental bridge A general dentist in Phoenix, AZ will help patients who have been diagnosed with cavities. Cavities are areas of tooth decay that can cause a hole to develop in the natural tooth structure and enamel. If left untreated, they can become larger and more damaging to the smile. With the help of Dr. John Pappas of Arcadia Dental Arts, patients in the area can restore their smile with composite resin fillings. While other dentists have used silver amalgam, or “mercury,” fillings, we use the fillings safest and most appropriate for our patients. 

What are mercury fillings? 

In the past, mercury fillings were once the standard in tooth repair for individuals who were diagnosed with cavities. However, studies continue to show that the mercury in these silver amalgam fillings are toxic to the human body. As a result, many dentists have begun to use less toxic alternatives for fillings, including materials such as composite resins. 

What are the benefits of composite resin fillings? 

There are many reasons why patients should consider composite resin fillings to repair the teeth after tooth decay. Composite resin fillings: 

  • Are not made of toxic ingredients such as mercury which is not biocompatible with the human body
  • Do not expand and contract due to temperature changes, reducing one’s risk of bacteria entering the tooth
  • Require less removal of natural tooth enamel to place
  • Are aesthetic as they look like natural tooth enamel once completed
  • Are perfect for also strengthening a tooth and offering an extra layer of protection

What to expect when getting fillings replaced 

Dr. John Pappas takes great care in the removal of silver amalgam fillings, and then prepares the tooth and places the composite fillings during the same appointment. Patients will not have any pain, as he uses proper sedation and local anesthetics for optimum patient comfort. 

Schedule time to speak to our team at Arcadia Dental Arts 

Phoenix, AZ area patients and families ready to learn more about cosmetic restoration of the smile with composite resin fillings are welcome to contact Dr. John Pappas and his team at Arcadia Dental Arts. The office is located at 4124 North 40th Street and is reachable via phone at (602) 957-9643.

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