How to Achieve Whiter Teeth Naturally

In a culture of quick fixes, it’s easy to find an instant solution to something like stained or yellowing teeth. For some, the chemicals and harsh side effects of instant-whitening products are a serious downside. Fortunately there are natural ways to improve the color of your teeth without resorting to chemicals:    Tooth Whitening Phoenix, AZ


It might be everyone’s least favorite part of their hygiene routine. Many people even skip it altogether. If you hate the yellowish stains you see in between your teeth, you’ll be happy to know that consistent flossing could be all you need to fix the problem. Not only does flossing help prevent cavities by removing debris that causes decay, but it can also help prevent staining that occurs when this debris sits on teeth and in between them for extended periods of time.

Eating Certain Foods

Just as there are foods and drinks that are terrible for teeth, there are also ones that can help keep teeth healthy and white. Some produce like strawberries, carrots, apples and celery can act as a scrubbing tool to help clean teeth while you’re crunching. Many of these foods also contain malic acid, which increases the production of saliva and in turn helps keep teeth cleaner and whiter.

Brush After Each Meal 

Data show that most Americans only brush their teeth on average once a day. Stains build up over time, and after layer upon layer, they become harder to erase. First, make sure you are brushing at least twice a day. The key is to brush gently with a soft-bristled brush. Over brushing and using too much force can cause dental issues such as receding gums and damaged enamel. Once you have a good routine down and you’re making sure to brush in the morning and before bed, start bringing a brush to work and cleaning your teeth after lunch. If you don’t want to brush every afternoon, at least rinse your mouth with water after every snack, meal and drink that isn’t water. This will help debris and bacteria from accumulating over time and causing decay and staining.

As you can see, there are no instant fixes, but consistent oral care at home is the most effective natural solution to whiter teeth. If you’re interested in a whitening method that is safe and works faster, you may want to consider professional teeth whitening. To schedule a consultation, or if have any questions, call our office today at (602) 957-9643.

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