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Oral health is one of the most important concerns for your entire family. It can affect everything from comfort to the self-image that children develop as they grow.

Arcadia Dental Arts works to provide your entire family with the dental care it needs. Dr. John Pappas serves as one of the most reliable and friendly family dentists serving the entire Phoenix, AZ area and surrounding towns.

Let’s explore what we can do as your family dentistry provider to both prevent problems and treat any existing conditions that your family may have.

Preventing Problems Before They Develop

Many dental problems can be prevented before they occur. This can include everything from cavities to lost teeth, which means that preventative care is essential to maintaining a healthy and happy mouth.

Our family dentistry employs the following measures for keeping your oral health superb:

  • Diagnostic exams
  • Tooth treatments and sealants
  • Complete teeth cleanings
  • Teaching beneficial oral hygiene habits
  • And more

We vary our preventative care options to ensure that every member of your family’s dental problems can be prevented before problems develop.

Treating Existing Dental Conditions

Another approach to safeguarding your oral health is to treat problems as they develop. This can keep them from progressing into conditions that will eventually require the extraction of teeth.

Our treatment options include:

Our treatment options are designed to facilitate the best long-term care for your teeth and mouth. This can help in preventing conditions ranging from gum disease to bone atrophy, which are conditions that should always be avoided.


Our Focus is Your Family

Regardless of the status of your mouth or the work that you need to have performed, our focus at Arcadia Dentist Arts is to provide the dental care that your entire family needs. We focus on preventing and treating any conditions that may be present, which in turn allows us to provide you with the best long-term dental care.

Our service focuses on fulfilling your needs. This is why we take every measure to ensure that every patient is as comfortable as possible, that their needs are addressed, and any other considerations are taken into account.

Couple this with the vast amount of experience Dr. John Pappas has, as a family dentist to understand why our services tend to be the ones that our patients rely upon in the Phoenix, AZ area.

When you’re ready to find a dentist capable of providing for your entire family’s dental needs, then contact us. We can schedule a consultation appointment to evaluate the needs of your entire family.

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