Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to bridge the gap that is created when a person is missing a tooth or several teeth.  Often times dental bridges are simply two dental crowns that are placed on the teeth on either side of the gap and are fixed to a fake tooth that lives in between the two dental crowns.  As an alternative to a dental bridge, a dental implant can be put in place of the missing tooth to provide for more strength and durability while also eliminating the need to put dental crowns on the adjoining teeth.  Are you missing a tooth or a few?  If so you’ll want to speak with Dr. Pappas about dental bridges in PhoenixContact us today!

How Can A Dental Bridge Benefit Me?

Dental bridges can be put in place for a variety of reasons.  While they provide for a functional replacement for a missing tooth, they are also known for their cosmetic advantages.  Who doesn’t want a full smile?  With dental bridges in Phoenix you can have just that.  Dental bridges can be used for:

  • Smile restoration
  • Preventing teeth from shifting and drifting
  • Distributing the force when you bite and chew
  • Allowing patients to chew and speak properly

How Long Does it Take to Get A Dental Bridge in Phoenix?

When working with Dr. Pappas, dental bridge placement usually requires two visits to complete the entire process.  Your first visit with Dr. Pappas will involve preparing the abutment teeth (those on either side of the missing teeth) by recontouring them and removing some of the enamel so that the dental bridge can be properly and securely fitted to them.  Teeth impressions are then taken and are sent to a dental laboratory so that they can be created.  While the dental bridge is being designed, Dr. Pappas will fit you with a temporary bridge.
Once the permanent bridge  is ready, you’ll have a second appointment during which your temporary bridge is removed and the permanent one is placed.  Sometimes follow-up visits are needed to ensure that the dental bridge is in an ideal location.

Get the Dental Bridge You Need!

Are you considering a dental bridge?  If so you’ll want to speak with a qualified dentist, such as Dr. Pappas, who can work with you to decide if a dental bridge is in fact what you need.  Dr. Pappas has placed plenty of dental bridges in Phoenix so you can always trust him to give you the dental treatment you need and can depend on.  To speak with Dr. Pappas about dental bridges call Arcadia Dental Arts at 602.680.5356.  You can also contact us online.

Book A Dental Bridges Consultation Today

If you have any questions about Dental Bridges, you can call our Phoenix office with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.  Contact us at 602.680.5356 to schedule an appointment (or book one online) to meet with Dr. Pappas to discuss porcelain veneers.  Perfect your smile with the help of porcelain veneers placed by Dr. Pappas…you won’t regret it!Contact Us Now!


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